Sell your business to Dunsire - We like to make it simple

Deal Done

That’s right, Dunsire Group are not brokers, we’re buyers. We like to make the process of buying and selling a business as simple and stress free as possible for all.

We will work with you to agree a fair value for your business. And with no brokers or agents involved you get the full amount.

So if you want to realise the value in your business, get in touch today to find out if we can help.

Is it time to begin a new chapter in your

life by realising the value in your business?

Our simple and efficient process can make it a reality


We have a telephone conversation to explore possibilities and find out if we both think there’s a deal to be done.

Heads of Terms

We agree the deal and the timescales for due diligence activities and deal completion.

Due Diligence

We undertake activities to verify information and to produce all necessary paperwork.

Deal Done

Ownership transfer completes. It’s time to celebrate and begin that new chapter in your life!

Business Sectors of Interest

Below are our primary sectors of focus. But we’re interested to hear about all good businesses in any sector.

Recruitment & Employment

4 – 20 employees

HR Management & Consultancy

4 – 10 employees


4 – 10 employees

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